In 2017, our company took part in one of the most important investment projects ECOPAPEL within the framework of the Governor’s Program of the Serpukhov district and under the support of the Moscow Region Development Corporation – having organized the international transportation of the largest European enterprise in the sphere of waste processing “on a turn-key basis”.

The plant for the production of ecological packaging from cellulose pulp distilled from the wheat straw for use in the food industry, production of medical goods and cosmetics was actually “transferred” from the City of Esija in Spain to the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region. The decision to implement this project was made by the Governor of City of Serpukhov, Dmitry Zharikov, at the suggestion of the head of the Spanish plant “DECAPULP”, Ramon M. Gendrau.

At present, the topic of waste recycling and safety of production for the environment has become actually important all over the world. The ECOPAPEL project is ideally aligned with the times in this context. The demand for packaging materials from environmentally friendly raw materials is constantly growing, with no need for particularly special conditions for recycling of waste from its production. This gives great prospects for investments.

Our company managed to organize delivery and customs clearance of all the unique high-tech equipment of the plant, including oversized units, by sea and road transport “from door to door” in full and in due time.

In addition, within the framework of this project, we want to note an important moment, such as the importation of the full plant’s equipment complex under a competently prepared Customs Classification Decision, what is a very convenient practice for importation of equipment and some other kinds of cargo. So, our company is ready to advise on the preparation of such Customs Classification Decision for the purposes of delivery of a wide variety of goods for our customers under most convenient conditions.