Merers Ltd

offers customs clearance, sea freight services and transportation by any kind of vehicles, search and selection of goods and suppliers of goods in the Russian Federation, assistance in procurement organization, cargo certification.

– is a customs clearance agent (customs broker), foreign trade operator and logistic company for export and import of goods in the Russian Federation.


Customs clearance of goods, exported from and imported to the Russian Federation. We find correct HS codes for your goods according to the EAEU FEACN (Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan), make a full preliminary calculation of customs duties, taxes and customs clearance costs.


In the case if company, receiving your goods in Russia is not foreign trade operator and has not been registered in the customs as importer, our company can either provide full complex of consulting services and help with customs clearance with participation of goods receiving company, or take on the role of procurement agent itself with further handover of goods to the receiving company in Russia by virtue of the agent contract (thus receiver of your goods in Russia will be totally free from charges, connected to foreign trade activity, currency exchange regulations, customs operations, intra-port forwarding of goods when cargo comes to the sea port and other operations).

Trade with Russian Federation entails compliance with the requirements of EAEU regarding labeling and certification of transported goods.


Services on full necessary certification of goods for the purpose of import and sale at the territory of the Russian Federation. We provide appropriate certification, licensing, collect special approval documents (if required), make calculation of delivery and preliminary analysis of costs.


Transportation services on goods delivery to the Russian Federation and from the Russian Federation to any place of the world. Intra-port forwarding. Pick-up of cargo from port to the final receiver in the Russian Federation. Assistance with delivery. We warn you about all possible pitfalls to avoid additional costs during import of goods to the Russian Federation. For example, for arrival of goods to the port of Saint-Petersburg you have availability of free storage from 3 to 14 days in special terminals

Agency for goods procurement in Russia. According to your requirements we offer you assistance in:
  • searching and selection of goods and suppliers of goods in Russia
  • signing of a contract
  • quality control of goods
  • shipment, customs clearance, delivery and all necessary services concerning export of goods from Russia and import of goods to Russia.

Trade agent

Foreign trade agenting for you and your buyers in Russia during import of goods to Russia: we can undertake foreign trade operations and become a goods procurement agent with further hangover to your clients under the agency or purchase and sale agreement. It can be interesting for you if company, receiving cargo in Russia is not foreign trade operator and is not registered in the customs as importer.

Your trade representative in Russia. We offer you representation and promotion of your goods or services at the territory of the Russian Federation with mutual interest.
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